Saturday, 21 March 2009

Making Money on eBay is Really Easy By Munyaradzi Chinongoza

If I can do it you can.

Let me tell you my story...

After having tried many other ways of making money online
and failed, I was left with no other option but to try the
"ebay selling" thing.

Until then I always thought it was too complicated and like
many other people trying to make money online, I was not
really interested in the fact that most of the stuff sold
on ebay is physical stuff.

I was thinking to myself, if I am going to start making
money on ebay, I am going to have a place to store all this
stuff and then make sure it is shipped out on time.

Ah, too much work, I thought to myself!

But then, I discovered "drop shipping" and you should have
been there to see the BIG SMILE that I had on my face.

Now I could really further look into, making money on ebay
all I had to do was find a product that people were buying
then search my list of drop shippers to find who had that
available. When I find a drop shipper, I then simply list
the item for auction on ebay and when the auction ends, i
collect the money from the buyer, pay my drop shipper and
have them ship out the item as soon as possible.

Now that's what I am talking about, but it gets better...

After I discovered drop shipping I then also discovered
contrary to my beliefs, I could also sell my preferred
digital products eg. ebooks, software etc. An even BIGGER
smile appeared on my face.

What do you know? This making money on ebay, was not as hard
as I thought after all.

In some ways it is much easier than the traditional direct
selling & advertising making money on the internet is famous

Why? Here's three quick reasons...

1) On ebay you don't have to worry about traffic, traffic
flows to the site in millions everyday.

2) All you have to do is find a product people want to buy
and bada bing bada boom you are making money on ebay.

3) Almost everyone who is coming to ebay, is looking to buy
something, just give them what they want and they will buy.

So there, you have it, if you are looking into making money
on ebay, go ahead and try it. I highly recommend it
especially if you have not made any money online yet. It will
give you the confidence you need to pursue other projects.

Your secret to success is...

Research, spend as much time as possible to find items that
people are "hungry" to buy. The more you find, the more
money you will make, it's as simple as that.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend a great making money
on ebay guide. Do you know who Janiece Smith is?

She currently makes $11,212.00+ every month selling stuff on
ebay. She can teach you all nitty gritty, check out her
website here...

Here's to your success making money on ebay, you can do it!

Munya Chinongoza is a budding Internet Money Making Enthusiast. He currently publishes the widely popular Amazing Cash Strategies Ezine, which is jam packed every week with great money making ideas...

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